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Terms & Conditions


We require a minimum deposit to secure your booking(which will be explained in your confirmation). Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer and must be received within 48 Hours to secure your booking. Once your deposit is paid, that amount will be deducted from your final payment. (When paying your deposit via bank transfer please ensure you use the reference given). Please note: The deposit amount is per booking and not for each piece of equipment you book.

All payments are non-refundable;however if you wish to change your hire date or equipment hired they can be transferred with enough given notice. Once we have received your booking enquiry a confirmation email will be sent requesting payment; once we have received (minimum) your deposit we will further confirm receipt by email. If we DO NOT receive your deposit within 48 hours, the equipment requested will be made available for others.


If your booking is outdoors and we deem the weather conditions to be too dangerous (heavy rain/high winds etc) then we may need to cancel your booking due to high risk. This is at our discretion and is with your safety in mind, should this occur your payment(s)will be transferrable to another date within 12 months of the original hire date.

Please contact us if you require further information. Please be familiar with our cancellation policy prior to making, amending or cancelling a booking.

Payment Terms:

Any remaining balance is to be paid before/onthe day prior to the hire date (not on the day). We are able to accept bank transfers up to 24 hours prior to your hire but we do not accept cheques or cards on the day of the hire.Paying the remaining balance before your hire date can be done via bank transfer easily at any time prior to the booking, please however make us aware of any payments made and ensure you use your unique reference number (see confirmation/invoice email). For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Cancellationsrequested 14 days (or more) of the hire date are offered to transfer their deposit to another date within 12 months of the original booking. Cancellations within 14 days of the hire date are subject to a 50% charge of the total hire price.

Cancellations within five days of the hire date are subject to a 100% charge of the total hire price.

Cancellations on the day or upon delivery will be subject to 100% charge of the total hire charge.

Cancellations made on the day in the event of poor weather where we deem it is still safe will be subject to a 100% charge of the total hire. It is our obligation to assess the weather accordingly and bookings will be cancelled at our discretion, not that of the customer. 

Cancellations that occur due to high risk weather (at the discretion of AW Inflatables) are infrequent but are unavoidable. We adhere to the highest safety standards and our word is final in the event of dangerous weather conditions. Should your booking be cancelled in such an eventyour payment(s)will be transferrable to another date within 12 months of the original hire date.

If you cancel within the time scales above, then your cancellation amount will include deposit amount paid.

Expected from you:

Access: In order to set up the equipment it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that access to the area is clear, safe and available. We most commonly arrive for deliveries in a high top, long wheel based van and inflatables are extremely heavy they are transported on sack trucks; access therefore needs to be made readily available for all of the above. Additional time will need to be allocated for delivery in the event of difficult access, please make us aware of any factors involved. Please consider heights of trees, vegetation growth, access width (doors, gates, alleys etc). If the we are unable to set up due to insufficient access then the hirer will be charged the fullamount of thebooking. Please contact us if you are unsure. We are here to help.

Space: It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that there is adequate space for the equipment to be set up. We cannot be held responsible for inadequate space available for equipment. If the inflatable does not fit in the space provided upon delivery then the hirer will be charged the fullamount of thebooking. Please consider ceiling heights to the lowest part in indoor venues and any potential obstructions in outdoor venues. All dimensions are available within the items descriptions. Please contact us if you are unsure. We are here to help.

Power:Adequate power is required for inflatables, if there is not adequate power available within 30 metres of the inflatable then we will not be able to set up safely.We are able to supply generators when requested; however if one is required on the daythat has not previously been bookedtherewill be a minimum £40 surcharge, plus cost of the hire of the generator and any delivery costs if applicable. Please note: We do not carry more than 30 metres of cable per inflatable, and it might not be possible for us to supply a generator at such short notice. In the event of this; the hirer will still be charged the full amount of their booking.Please contact us if you are unsure. We are here to help.

Safety is our number one priority at all times. We reserve the right to refuse a hire for any reason if we feel health and safety law will be breached in any way. Our staff are fully trained in the safe use of inflatables and their say is final. Should this occur;the hirer will be charged the fullamount of thebooking.

Weather plays a large factor in outdoor hires and in certaincircumstances we may need to cancel a booking on the day due to the bad weather i.e. extreme rain or wind. This is thankfully relatively infrequent but is unavoidable. Please see the cancellation policy above in regards to bookings and poor weather.

Hard surface Anchorage (not grass or earth)

To safely secure a bouncy castle to a hard surface (concrete or tarmac) we use an anchor bolt system. This involves drilling a 10mm hole and inserting a bolt that is securely fastened to the inflatable which we remove when finished. Each hole is filled in using clear silicone upon request. We do not take any responsibility to damages that are caused by these bolts and have the right to refuse any surface which is not suitable for our anchorage systems. Patio slabs cannot be drilled in to but can be lifted (by the hirer) to use our peg system. There is an additional charge for anchoring inflatables on hard surface.

The European standard 4.2.1 Anchorage

The inflatable shall be provided with an anchorage and/or ballast system and any necessary accessories enabling the inflatable to be securely fixed to the ground. Each inflatable shall have at least six anchorage points. The number of anchorage points shall be calculated in accordance with Annex A. They shall be distributed around the perimeter of the inflatable (see also 4.2.3) and shall be fitted with metal ends. The maximum wind-speed in which inflatables shall be used outdoors is 38 km/h (Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale); see Annex B. When used outdoors, the inflatable shall be secured to the ground, preferably with ground stakes where the ground is suitable. Each anchorage point on the inflatable and all of the components of the anchorage and/or ballast system, e.g. ropes, webbings, metal attachments, stakes, weights, shall withstand a force of 1 600 N. The direction of the exerted force shall be at an angle to the ground of 30° to 45°. Ground stakes shall incline+away from the direction of the exerted force. Ground stakes shall be a minimum of 380 mm in length and a minimum of 16 mm in diameter and their tops shall be rounded. The system shall expose no more than 25 mm of the stake above ground level (see Figure 3).When the inflatable is used indoors, the anchorage and/or ballast system should be used, when necessary, to maintain stability. There is no minimum requirement for force resistance indoors.


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